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Gaming Redefined

The High Desert's premiere game and hobby store. We carry a large selections of gaming, hobby, and entertainment products. Some of our premiere items include; - Games Workshop products like Warhammer, Age of Sigmar, and their vast array of paint and hobby supplies - Wizards of the Coast products like Magic the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons - Star Wars product such as Legion, X-Wing, and Destiny - A wide variety of comics, toys and collectibles. - Board games of all styles and genres - 3D Printing Services for all your miniature and RPG needs - Friendly and loving gaming communities - Professional and caring staff - And of course, the coolest game store in the High Desert! So now with all of that being said, please, come down and join our ever growing Linebreakers Family, where any and all walks of life are welcome! We hope that you enjoy being a part of our family, as much as we love providing all that you would ever need for your gaming and hobby needs! Sincerely,